“There is no equality of treatment merely by providing students with the same facilities, textbooks, teachers, and curriculum; for students who do not understand English are effectively foreclosed from any meaningful education”
(Lau v. Nichols 1974).

Understanding and Mastering Content

When students transition to a new language, they are typically expected to understand the content before they have a working knowledge of all the words they will encounter. Many students learning a new language need extra support in the classroom to keep up with their peers, but this support is not always available, and these students often fall behind. Explico Assistant™ provides the equivalent of a full time on-demand instructional assistant. Any printed content can now be accessed in the native language and read aloud in the new language (or the native language). Individual words can be defined and illustrated with graphics – all at the touch of a button. In academic settings, students who are transitioning to a new language can now keep up with their new peers through our simple-to-use tools.

Explico Reader

Explico Assistant™

Explico Assistant™ gives second-language learners on-demand access to academic content at all levels.

  • Lack of proficiency in the second language is no longer a barrier to accessing academic content
  • Instantaneous support for English Language Learners on all aspects of the curriculum without the need for additional staff
  • From K-12 and beyond, second language learners can now keep up with their peers in hearing, understanding, and learning the required content

Making Educational Materials Available to Everyone

With our patent-pending technologies, Explico Tools™ provides an easy-to-use system for students of all ages. It is like having the equivalent of having a full-time on-demand instructional assistant. For less than the staff cost of one hour of direct tutoring, every student can now enjoy around the clock support to comprehend and thoroughly understand their required academic content in a second language. Explico™ works with more than 140 world languages to ensure students get the support they need to be successful while learning in a required second language. The Explico Tools™ utilizes not only translation to native language, but also word-for-word recognition, definitions, audio, and graphics to provide effective knowledge transmission of the classroom content being taught.


Explico Tools™ addresses the twin goals of enabling students to develop proficiency in a second language while also accessing and understand the appropriate grade-level content at the same time.


With Explico Tools™, grade-level instruction is accessible for second-language students. Our tools provide independent and on-demand access to academic content via native language translation, scaffolded transition language applications, audio, and graphics at K-12 levels and beyond.


Explico Tools™ enables district managers to generate continuous on-demand reports that detail how all of their students utilize our tools—from which content students find most challenging down to the exact words that are stumbling blocks to proficiency in the second language.

Explico Assistant™

“You’re still not testing them on the math. You’re testing them on how well they understand English in order to do the math.”

Virtually every school system in the US has students for whom English is not their native language. These students struggle to learn a new language and struggle even further to successfully complete work. It can be difficult if not impossible to understand the content in a language they may not be proficient in, which often puts them farther behind in every subject.

Schools struggle to provide the needed services to these students, which is why Explico Assistant™ bridges the gap and provides a solution to ensure that every second-language student can have the necessary support, at all times, to successfully access academic content.

Explico Writer™

Explico Writer™ is currently under development. We are diligently working on this cutting-edge tool that will enable students to utilize scaffolding, graphics, and audio to write stories, essays, and academically-appropriate responses at a level consistent with their native English-speaking peers. Join our mailing list for updates on availability.

Explico Dyslexia™

The Explico Dyslexia™ is currently under development. We are diligently working on this remarkable tool that will enable students to convert classroom curriculum in hard-to-read fonts into a font that is tailored for people with dyslexia. This project is a passion of our founder, Steven Schroedl, who has dyslexia and has found a unique way to empower students to keep up with their peers in life. Join our mailing list for updates on availability.

Explico Tools: Assistant™ Writer™ Dyslexia™

The Explico Tools™ is available in four service-level offerings. This allows you to choose the best Explico™ service to suit your needs. At Explico, LLC, we strive to provide exceptional and meaningful services to provide all students with the appropriate access to their academic content.

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