Seeking Beta Testers

Explico Reader™ Seeking Beta Testers

Explico, LLC is ready to launch our first beta testing of Explico Reader™.  In a quick nutshell, this app is primarily for second language learners and reading challenged students. For the beta testing, we are seeking ~10 applicants for complimentary use, who are educational administrators, teachers with students who are second language learners and/or instructional assistants. If you are interested, please click the link here. Explico, LLC will select the applicants that are the best fit for this round of testing.  If your interested please apply prior to March 1, 2020.  Thank you for considering helping in our beta testing.

Explico Reader™ is an easy to use IOS and Andriod app that allows the user to take a picture and hear the conteent spoken to them in their native and/or transition languarge*:

Click here to apply https://www.explico.ai/en/explico-reader/

*Gold level plan enables text to speech in both Native and Transition languages.  See the Explico Reader page for plan features.

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