The COVID-19 school year is already vastly different

Explico - English as a Second Language Software

Back to school, this year is already vastly different than any other year in modern history. So many parents are worried about their kiddos being left further behind. 14% of students who receive additional educational services, were markedly left floundering when COVID-19 lockdowns went into effect. Students who are second language learners and students who struggle with reading were left without the support that their Individual Education Plans (IEP) entitle them to. For most, this year is not looking much better.

Imagine your student is in the 6th grade, just starting middle school. Imagine that reading is really hard for them. They are several grade levels behind in reading. For the past 5 years, they have been able to keep up with their class because they have received extra support for their reading disability. They have had specialized reading classes and instructional assistants to help them absorb the required curriculum. Now they are online-only, no one is available to help them. They get 30 minutes a week with their learning specialist online. The rest of the week they are expected to somehow complete the 6th-grade math, history, language arts, and everything else. They are capable in math but struggle with reading the endless word problems. History and language arts are like climbing a mountain three times a day. This school year is causing them and your anxiety, tears, anger.

At Explico, this is exactly the scenario we built our app for. Explico makes all school curriculum – your student’s assigned curriculum – accessible to English language learners and those that struggle with reading. Your student can INDEPENDENTLY do their assigned school work. With a simple click, Explico transfers a page of any type of school work, into scaffolded audio by word for word or paragraph touch. The school work can be read in English or one of 60 other world languages. From Kindergarten through college and beyond – Explico removes the barrier to learning.

Explico is offered for individual subscriptions and fir entire classrooms, schools, and school districts. Our enterprise-level for schools tracks and analyzes data by students. Learning specialists can know exactly which words are challenging which students and how often. Explico’s patent-pending technologies are leading the way to change the learning experience of English Language Learners and those with reading disabilities. For less than the cost of an hour of tutoring, every student in need can have access to this groundbreaking, on-demand and always available learning tool.

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