Help, my Child Can’t Read Their Homework!

My Child Can’t Read Their Homework! How are they supposed to learn?

Wow, what a challenging year this has been. Is there anyone at all out there, who cannot wait for 2020 to be long gone in the rearview mirror?

Before ‘Rona came to town, school was already hard for our student. They are an English Learner/English as an Additional Language student who spent a good number of years in a very large institution in another country. When distance learning became a thing, our young learner was left floundering. The support of a Learning Specialist and English Learning teachers were pretty much gone. The few minutes a day for check-in, did not cover the endless emails of assignments, long instructions for assignments, tests, quizzes, lines from a play to perform, and general confusion that came with remote education.

Print-based curriculum is the most significant barrier to accessing education, for our child and millions of others. A solution was needed and pronto. With our student, we strongly felt it was not reasonable or appropriate for a parent to read all of the assignments, emails, text messages, calendar posting, and more to our 12-year-old. The school had been thrust into solving a problem that could never have been anticipated. They did the best they could, to throw together a remote learning experience with days notice. But… this was not helping our student.

What we needed was a miracle. Something that could read every single piece of homework, every page of the textbook, every email message, and more – so that our student could be independent. Nothing was available, so we built it.

Just in time for the start of the new school year, we now have Explico Assistant app. This revolutionary and amazing app enables our student to take a picture of any textbook, reading book, email, homework page – and it is processed into words that can be heard aloud. Nothing short of a miracle! It is interactive and accessible, the barrier to learning is gone. It is like having an on-demand, 24/7 Instructional Assistant right next to their desk.

Even when our student goes back to in-person learning, we know that Explico Assistant will be the best tool for helping to close the gap of learning and will eliminate the barrier to learning. We know that 20% of students who are struggling readers will now at least have the chance to stay up with their grade-level peers.

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