ESL ​​Assistive Technology

Next Generation EdTech Assistive Technology for Breaking Text-Based Barriers for Learning
For the 15-20% of students who lack reading proficiency, distance learning has made their school days even more difficult.  As one of the many families, who have a student who cannot read at grade level, we realized something had to be done very quickly for our child.  Explico Assistant is like having a 24/7 on-demand instructional assistant. Our student no longer feels left behind because they cannot access their written curriculum as fast as their grade-level peers.  Explico Assistant solves the issue of lack of reading proficiency, that blocks so many students from being able to effectively access all of their school work.
With a simple click, students can now take a picture of any school work – science, math, language arts, history, and even reading for pleasure – and turn that school work into something they can learn from right now.  Explico’s patent-pending technology enables students to hear their work in one of many languages.  The students hear it word by word, full paragraphs, or full pages at a time.  So lack of reading skills are no longer the hurdle to learning.  Students who are multilingual or second language learners can hear their material in their native language and their learning language.  Students who have reading difficulties, such as dyslexia, can now effectively and efficiently learn by hearing, at the same pace as their peers.
At Explico, we are working hard to make sure that learning and accessing the curriculum is available for all students.  No student should be left behind because they are distance-learning or they do not have their learning specialist or assistant sitting next to them.  Students can and should be able to learn from anywhere, independently, and to feel good about their accomplishments.
Explico is currently available on the Apple app store, it is free to download and free to try.  We offer affordable subscription prices for individuals and group pricing models for schools, school districts, and other non-profit organizations.

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