Dyslexia Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology for People with Dyslexia​.

The introduction of iPads in the classroom, especially for elementary students, has proven to boost learning opportunities and has been roundly considered as successful. While the general student population benefits, even more, notable is the positive effect that Assistive Technology provides for 20% of students with reading difficulties. Because each student with dyslexia, a reading challenge, learning disabilities, or are learning in a second language (ESL) requires individual assessment and individual learning strategies – Assistive Technology becomes an effective and efficient tool for addressing those students’ needs.​

Explico Assistant is a groundbreaking and revolutionary Assistive Technology for helping students who do not have grade-level reading proficiency. While using the student’s curriculum, Explico Assistant’s patent-pending technology transitions, the student’s assigned school work into a scaffolded and/or translated and useable tool that breaks text-based learning hurdles. Whether it’s science, history, math, language arts, or reading for pleasure – Explico enables the students to hear their school work – word by word, full paragraphs, or full pages. Students can listen to work in their learning language or their native language. One of the most exciting features is specifically for those students with DYSLEXIA. Explico Assistant translates the school work into a specific “Dyslexia Typeface.” This typeface is research-based, proven to make the reading of words more accessible for individuals with dyslexia.​

In the ever-expanding world of EdTech, Explico Assistant stands above all others to help students access their education immediately. Explico Assistant strives to reduce and eliminate barriers for students to access their text-based curriculum, in a manner that enables them to learn at a pace with their grade-level peers, with 24/7 on-demand support for students who need it the most.​

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