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What drives Explico, LLC

Explico, LLC is committed to equity and the success of every individual. Equity fosters an inclusive and barrier-free environment where each student will have access to high-quality education and can follow their own path to reaching their full potential. Our mission is to create English as a Second Language Software that provides meaningful inclusion to students in the classroom.

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Fostering Meaningful Inclusion

At Explico, LLC, meaningful inclusion encompasses the idea that all children should be educated in the least restrictive environment and have complete access to the curriculum being taught. Accomplishing this involves careful attention to meaningful instruction as well as overcoming social barriers.

Steven Schroedl

– Explico Chairman

Steven Schroedl

Explico Board Chairman Steven Schroedl

Steven Schroedl is a seasoned technology and business professional. He founded and led Verilan, Inc. for more than 20 years, which provided high-level meeting technologies at global conferences for some of the world’s most demanding IT standards bodies, educational organizations, government agencies, and industry leaders in alternative energy. Since 2007, Mr. Schroedl has been involved with education as an elected school board director. His passion is creating opportunities for every student to succeed, especially those who need additional learning support services. Because of his own experience with dyslexia and the difficulty in obtaining effective learning support services for his own children, Mr. Schroedl was driven to create tools that effectively help students. Explico Tools are the result of seeking real-world solutions for students who are second-language learners but who are expected to understand academic content in order to stay up with their peers in school.
Mr. Schroedl is currently the Chair of the Board for North Clackamas School District in Oregon, serving in his second elected term. He is also a Planning Commissioner for Clackamas County, Oregon. Previously he was the Chair of the Board for Cascade Heights Public Charter School. When not writing software code, Mr. Schroedl enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and the best dog ever – enjoying the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Explico Board of Advisors

Explico, LLC utilizes the talents and skills of a diverse group of advisors. Our team is made up of senior-level management professionals in education, business, and operations. Together we work toward equity and inclusion for all students. We support the notion that every student will succeed if only they are given the proper tools and support systems.

Articles of Interest

Links to industry news, reports, items relating to the importance of second language learning for academics and business.

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