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Explico, LLC, announces the release of its much-anticipated Explico Assistant App on the Apple Platform.  In this age of distance learning and hybrid learning, this app could not have come at a better time.

According to founder and developer Steven Schroedl, “As soon as in-person learning was interrupted across the country, we saw a huge deficit in the ability of schools to support the students most in need. The idea for Explico was born from personal experience with my daughter. We already knew that some students, including our daughter, were not getting the help they really needed to be successful, even with in-person instruction.”

Explico Assistant provides the equivalent of a personal instructional assistant to any student who struggles with reading their school work, is learning in a second language, or just needs a bit of assistance with reading for any reason.  Explico Assistant utilizes the student’s already-assigned curriculum and turns any piece of text (homework, textbook, reading for pleasure, etc.) – into an interactive and assessable tool for the student’s use, reading words, sentences, or even whole texts aloud in the student’s native language.

With the emergence of distance learning in the Spring of 2020, many families experienced an immediate and painful lack of support or assistance for students who are not proficient in reading.  Lack of reading proficiency creates a barrier to learning in every subject.  Explico Assistant provides students a path to independence, allowing them to keep up with their grade-level peers in every subject.  Whether it’s math, science, history, or language arts, Explico Assistant provides the help that is desperately needed for millions of students.

Explico is especially helpful to students learning English as a second language.  All texts can be read aloud in English, or in our supported 188 voices and languages.

Explico Assistant is available to individual users for a minimal monthly or yearly subscription.  Education organizations with numerous users can sign up for contracted pricing models and the ability to have enhanced administrative data features such as detailed reports on which words and texts are most challenging for each of their students.

Explico, LLC is an Oregon-based company with a strong commitment to equity and the success of every individual.  Our mission is to create English as a Second Language Software that provides a meaningful path toward inclusion for students across the country.  Learn more about Explico and Explico Assistant at https://www.explico.ai



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