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Explico - English as a Second Language software

ESL Software for Students

Explico Assistant gives second-language learners and reading challenged learners on-demand access to academic content at all levels. Our English as a Second Language Software is easy to use.

Explico Assistant provides the equivalent of a 24/7 personal assistant to students to utilize for all academic content and reading. Our easy to use tool, allows a student to point and click, then any and all text is made accessible to the student. Words, paragraphs, and entire pages can be read and UNDERSTOOD by the student. Explico Assistant can read aloud passages in English and 69 other world languages. We eliminate barriers to learning!

ESL Software

English as a Second Language Software

Explico Assistant was built with ESL/ELD students in mind. Our tools provide the easiest and most cost-effective way to give students a full-time assistant, to enable them to actually access all of their academic content. We eliminate the barriers to learning for English language learners and reading challenged students. Explico Tools are the most advanced ESL Software, ELD Software packages - that give students immediate control over their ability to learn their assigned content. We open the world of learning to students who struggle to access their curriculum. Our Explico Assistant is for English as a Second Language Software (ESL Software) students.

Explico - English as a Second Language software

English Learner Software

Explico Assistant is the premier AMAO Software available to students, schools, school districts - to enable all students to have the support that they need, at all times. At a fraction of the cost of an instruction assistant, Explico Tools is the full-time scaffolding tool that E.S.L. students and reading challenged students need now. In these challenging times, we have created an innovative tool to ensure your students can access all of their curricula, whether at home or in the classroom. This amazing new E.S.L. Software will break down the barriers in learning, for your students.

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