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On-demand, always available and simple to use for every student Kindergarten through college and beyond. Using your student’s curriculum, Explico’s patent-pending technology makes that curriculum accessible.


So many parents are worried about their kiddos being left further behind. 14% of students who receive additional educational services, were markedly left floundering when COVID-19 lockdowns went into effect. Students who are second language learners and students who struggle with reading were left without the support that their Individual Education Plans (IEP) entitle them to.


Explico Assistant was created for English Language Learners, but it is also the perfect tool to help any student who struggles with reading. Beginning in primary grades, students must be able to read proficiently to learn at grade level. Even those who struggle a tiny bit, quickly get left behind.


As the face of international business changes, so do the languages used to communicate. From professional networking and academic collaboration to transport and traveling, the business world requires business owners to use different languages in order to scale up their companies.


The NCELA Resource Library, a searchable database of over 20,000 items—including research articles, literature reviews, reports, classroom materials, curricula, fact sheets, multimedia products, and more—to help stakeholders learn about and advance English learner (EL) education.


Title III: To help ensure that English learners, including immigrant children and youth, attain English proficiency and develop high levels of academic achievement in English

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